Monday, September 22, 2014

The Many Advantages of Stretch Wrap

Packaging, in general, is one of the most critical aspects of any product. It provides protection, ensures quality, and serves the needs of virtually every industry and countless applications.
There are so many different types of packaging—each with unique advantages and roles—and oftentimes, those in need of packaging aren’t sure exactly what type is best for their requirements. At Stamar Packaging, we offer a wide variety of solutions, and one that is often used yet not always fully understood is stretch wrap.

Stretch wrap is an efficient wrapping that can cover containers, boxes, parcels, and a wide variety of products and goods in need of storage and/or transportation. It is commonly made from low-density polyethylene, and is very elastic/stretchable.

The plastic stretch wrap is applied with a stretch wrapping machine that has the ability to wrap packaging/products in bulk. Stretch wrap offers many distinct benefits, which include:
·         Protection: Wrapped goods are well protected from dirt, dust, moisture, and damage, ensuring nothing affects the quality of what’s inside.

·         Consistency: The use of a stretch wrapping machines means everything is wrapped exactly the same.
·         Time Savings: Stretch wrapping can be applied to large quantities of products in minimal amounts of time, which also translates to cost savings.

·         Variety: Stretch wrap can suit a variety of applications, with different sizes, widths, and thicknesses available based on various requirements.

The fact is, a product or parcel is often only as good as its packaging—faulty or low quality packaging can ruin what it’s actually meant to protect. Stretch wrap offers many advantages and is an excellent choice for economical, protective, consistent packaging.

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