Thursday, August 21, 2014

Teamwork: The Recipe for Success

One of the greatest lessons you learn when being in business a long time is that you are only as good as the individuals who make up your team. A company is the sum of its parts, its people.
Every single individual in a company, no matter their role, adds tremendous value, and collectively, they add up to who you are as a company. It’s been widely documented that teamwork is one of the best ways to bring all members of an organization together and make them truly care about each other and the work they are doing.

This article states it well: “Teams often arise when employees come together to accomplish a common goal.

Teamwork within the workplace not only benefits your workers but also significantly affects your business.”
At Stamar Packaging, we believe wholeheartedly in the idea of teamwork, of bringing employees together to accomplish goals, both within the realm of work they’re doing during business hours, and outside of that. And we believe that the result is a group of invaluable team members who are great at their jobs and care about what they do.

To this end, we recently participated in the ROC Race 5K, a game show-inspired obstacle race whose participants are referred to as ROC Stars (a fitting name for our employees). Taking place on July 12, 2014, this was our first ROC Race, and the company paid for and encouraged everyone who wanted to participate. One of the best parts: the ROC Race benefits The Challenged Athletes Foundation, a very worthwhile cause.

While the day of the event proved to be one of the rainiest of the summer—with the entire team getting rained on—it was still a fun and successful event. Some employees came to participate, others came to cheer them on. Despite the weather, some participants even went back and finished the race. In the end, it was still a great success; we had fun and bonded as a team. It was a great example of how teamwork can make a company even stronger.

We will continue to look out for and participate in more events of this nature (while keeping our fingers crossed for dry weather!), and most importantly, will continue to encourage solidarity as a group, ensuring our products and service are as great as the people who provide them.


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