Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Four Benefits of Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

While it seems obvious that the right protective packaging for shipping your products is critical, many companies don’t know what exactly the right choice is; therefore, inadvertently, many choose packaging that isn’t up to par, potentially harming their products and their business.

While there are certainly many packaging options, one of the best for protecting fragile and/or complex parts is corrugated cardboard packaging. The reasons for this are many; here are just some of the main benefits:

1) Highly Protective
Corrugated cardboard are constructed specifically for strength and durability, while still being lightweight.
Advanced computer designs turn paper into a highly sophisticated construction, which protects products within from moisture and other elements. The design process also allows for customization, so corrugated packages can be made to fit specific needs.

2) Sustainable
Since it all begins with wood, which is a renewable resource, corrugated cardboard can be recycled up to eight times. When you’re using a box of this kind, it is most likely recycled and recyclable.  Newspapers, boxes, and other materials are recycled to create corrugated cardboard, making it an extremely environmentally-friendly form of packaging.

3) Flexible
Corrugated boxes are simply one of the most flexible, versatile packaging products available. Almost limitless sizes, levels of protection, and shape combinations can be made. The choices are endless.

4) Cost-effective
These are also among the least expensive packaging/shipping options available. While the design process is sophisticated and high-tech, it’s also rather easy, which keeps the costs down. Using recycled, renewable materials also keeps them cost-effective. In this way, they’re good for the environment and the bottom line.
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    Thanks for your blog. I just landed up in your blog and I really appreciate your blog. It is full of resourceful information.
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