Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Value of Employee Morale

To be successful in manufacturing, there are two things a company must consistently do right: create quality products, and provide excellent customer service.

But of course, it goes much deeper than just this. After all, a company is only as good as the people who work for it, and it is those people who are responsible for making the quality products and providing the excellent customer service. These things don’t just happen.

It begins and ends with highly trained and experienced employees, but within that there’s the invaluable and highly critical aspect of employee morale. If employees are not happy, satisfied, respected, and valued, they are much less likely to work hard and provide the work that leads to successful business practices. And of course, the opposite is true.

This article points out that studies have shown that “engaged employees work harder, are often willing to take on extra responsibilities and are a positive influence on other employees,” with benefits that include “a higher rate of productivity and a lower staff turnover.” Disengaged employees put in the bare minimum and care less about their work and their company; they also tend to leave a company after a much shorter amount of time.

At Stamar Packaging, we realize this. Certainly because we know employee morale boosts our business, but also because we truly want our employees to be satisfied and happy, to feel valued—because they are. We are proud of our dedicated team of experts, and we care about them.

We promote this on a daily basis, but also with special events that are meant for bonding, relaxation, and fun. Each spring and fall we hold an employee-only barbeque, and have been for about ten years. Everyone is encouraged to bring their favorite dish, and we all vote on the top three dishes, with the winners receiving gift certificates. Everyone looks forward to the barbeques and has a wonderful time.

We are also taking part in the Chicago ROC Race on July 12, a 5K race that our employees joined and made sure everyone could get involved in. We’re all very excited!

We care about our employees and our customers, and we believe this is evident through the work we do. This is why we’re as successful as we are. 

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