Monday, November 12, 2012

Why Send Your Pallet to the Landfill When You Can Just Recycle?

On any given day of any given year, the USDA Forestry Service guesstimates that 1.9 billion wooden pallets circulate freely in the United States.  Despite recent advances in aluminum pallets and the like, wooden pallets still comprise a formidable number of the pallets used to conduct daily commerce in America, and will continue to do so as far as can be predicted. Given the gargantuan number of wooden pallets in daily operation in the U.S.A., it makes good business sense that those who use these pallets shouldn’t just drop them off at the landfill and let them go to waste once they’ve served their purpose and can’t be patched or repaired any further. It makes good, solid, cost-effective sense to recycle your pallets – not only are you aiding the environment and all that good stuff, but you end up saving your outfit a bundle of money to boot!

You don’t have to hug a tree to want to recycle a wooden pallet – it only makes good economic sense. Repairing and retrofitting pallets can prove to be cumulatively expensive after awhile. The cost of repairing a wooden pallet only runs to somewhere around two bucks, but if you’re running an extensive operation, those costs can pile up faster than you might expect. As far as pallet recycling, while the pay-off per pallet is fairly minimal (it depends which pallet recycler you choose to pursue business with), again, when you add up all the pallets recycled in the course of a year, it bulks up into quite a considerable sum.

Without the sustainability of wooden pallet recycling, a huge and unnecessary number of trees would have to be cut down per year just to maintain equilibrium. Thanks to advances in large-scale green technology (and the proven fact that it’s a profitable enterprise), all that may be changing for the better in times to come.

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