Monday, October 29, 2012

Falling Is for Leaves on Trees, Not Workers on the Job

Every workplace, no matter if it’s a gritty urban warehouse or a nest of cubicles in the suburbs, has its perils in terms of falling. You don’t have to be weighed down with a 50 lb. bag of cement or window-washing a skyscraper at 35 stories to suffer a serious work-related injury, or worse. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that in 2009 alone, over 212,000 workers were seriously injured by falls, slips, or trips while at their place of work. Sadly, the same report cited a figure of 605 workers who died as a result of injuries sustained by falling during the same time period. That’s a figure that we should all let sink in if we’re ever going to help bring about a change in that.

Stamar has long made it a priority to provide for workers’ safety in every possible way. Our track record more than proves it: in another blog from earlier this year, we talked about the wildly successful blood donation campaign we initiated at our company on behalf of local hospitals. But it’s the products we offer that speak more to the issue: what we provide and distribute to other companies is a way for these companies to promote worker safety – including slips and falls. When it comes to fall prevention, Stamar provides items ranging from wet floor janitorial signs, wet mops, and a specialized oil dry product that absorbs almost any form of spill – including oil, grease, acids, water, and admixtures of soluble oils and water. We’re serious about safety. It’s something we will always practice strongly.

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