Monday, December 5, 2011

An Interview with Stamar’s Own Bill Daniels – Part II

The following is a continuation of an interview with Stamar’s go-to sales rep down in Memphis, TN, Bill Daniels. This week Bill answers questions about where he sees our company’s place in its industry, what some of our best-selling products are, and about why he sees Memphis (and the Southern state market in general) being such a crucial link in Stamar’s future.

Q: What do you think makes Stamar stand out from its competition? What’s the “Stamar difference?”
Bill: Well, a few things come immediately to mind. We’re actually going to offer you services that meet your needs. Not just what we think you need, but what you actually do need. And we have trained technicians that will actually come in and help maintain packaging equipment they sell. A lot of other folks don’t have that.

What’s more is we’re flexible around here. We’re willing to negotiate terms that are satisfactory to everyone at the table. We’re willing to build customized items for the specific needs of a specific manufacturer; there’s nothing “one-size-fits-all” about us. And we’ll stock inventory for the same day or next day delivery, because we’ve got all the necessary transportation ability to get our product quickly over to you.

Q: What are some of the most interesting products you sell?
Bill: Corrugated boxes are our number one product at Stamar. They’re stronger and more stackable than other boxes. And very easy to protectively coat.

Q: Who are some of the biggest companies/industries you sell to? Who are your typical clients?
Bill: Let’s see. I’d say our biggest are internationally-recognized lighting fixture companies and paper mills.

Q: So how many Stamar sales reps are located in the Memphis area?
Bill: We’ve got around five or six.

Q: Why did Stamar decide to merge with Package Supply & Design LLC of Memphis, TN and why was it important to reach this area specifically?
Bill: Wurzburg really was considered the number one packaging company in the Mid-South; they covered about 12 states. Those were some big shoes that needed to be filled by somebody. Memphis is one of the biggest distribution hubs in the country…Nike, Richards, you name it. A number of Fortune 500 companies. Lots of new companies are moving to Memphis because of tax breaks and whatnot. It’s really a pretty big opportunity for folks like Stamar.

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