Monday, November 21, 2011

An Interview with Stamar’s Own Bill Daniel

We like our clients to learn as much as possible about the packaging industry—beyond the products we sell. After all, there’s more to packaging than just the bubble-wrap! We want people out there to learn about our employees and company on a more “neighborly basis”. To that effect, here’s a recent interview with one of our Memphis sales reps, Bill Daniel:

Interviewer: Bill, tell us about your history in this industry. Where were you and what were you doing before you started working at Stamar?

BD: Well, before I came onboard with Stamar, I was working for a company out here called Wurzburg. But… when Wurzburg went bankrupt a few years back, I decided to take all my knowledge and experience of designing and selling packaging that I’d accumulated all those years and continue to service customers in the North Mississipi market.

Int: When did you start working for Stamar and what made you want to join the Stamar family?

BD: I started back in February of 2010. I interviewed with four companies and, well, I just liked the support for both customers and sales men that Stamar had put in place over the last 30 plus years. They wanted their sales reps to go out and develop actual relationship selling. They went about their business personally, and I liked that aspect. It’s just one of many things, really.

Int: Describe your role at Stamar.

BD: I’m their go-to sales rep for Memphis, Tennessee as well as northern Mississippi.

Int: Bill, what do you like best about your position?

BD: I’m a friendly guy, always have been. I guess I just like getting to know people better. Develop good relationships and get some business.

Int: What do you like best about working at Stamar?

BD: I’m a big fan of Larry Stein and Joe Tedesco; they’re the co-owners of the company. I like them because they’re not afraid to be hands-on in their style of helping out customers; they’re actually able to come out into the field and make sales calls themselves. It’s a pretty good thing knowing that management’s just as capable as you when it comes to your job.

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