Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Full-On Look into Our Fulfillment Capabilities

There are people out there that sometimes give us puzzled looks and furrow their brows when we tell them we’ve got “fulfillment capabilities” here at Stamar. What does that mean exactly? Are we somehow in the business of “wish fulfillment?”

Well, I guess we’d like to think so. But more to the point, “fulfillment capabilities” are the odds and ends services we’re able to perform on behalf of an individual or another company in order to make their business easier, more streamlined, and more productive. It’s a way of selling our raw labor-power at Stamar in order to add value to your own line of products. Fulfillment capabilities can be really small jobs, like labeling, or arranging for UPS/3rd party shipping; or they can be sizably ambitious tasks, like reworking whole product lines that haven’t met all their required certifications yet. We also can perform labor-intensive grunt-work, such as sorting defective parts from functional ones; the sheep from the goats.

We didn’t always offer this service. Ken Taylor, our chief of fulfillment capabilities, used to run his own company in the area and was our go-to guy as far as fulfillment services. When the economy got hit hard a few years back, we decided we’d all do better to combine forces with Ken and provide our services under one roof.

We’re more than glad we’ve put Ken on our roster. Add to that the 30 sales-reps who’ve been combing (mostly) the greater Chicago area, and we’ve been building ourselves quite an impressive spread of fulfillment clients since first we got going in early July. As the manufacturing sector continues to regain traction from its early losses in the Great Recession, we’re looking at 2012 as a big year for our fulfillment capabilities to grow lots of opportunities for ourselves, and for our customers.

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