Monday, October 12, 2015

Products Pop With The Right POP Displays

There is a great deal of competition to draw attention to products. Point of Purchase (POP) displays are an ideal way to attract a customer to a product. A POP display can entice the customer to buy it.
Unfortunately, not all POP displays are effective. It takes experience, design skill, ingenuity, and quality materials to make an eye-pleasing and effective display. When choosing Stamar for POP design and assembly, you get all of the above abilities in one place!
As experts in packaging, we offer outstanding capabilities for creating a successful design and then build the display to highlight the product. The process begins with the design and then through our contract packaging services we gather the right materials and assemble a kit. This kit is then sent out to the clients or distribution centers for delivery to retail outlets.
Since this is a custom service, we can design and build displays of any shape or size. The one thing all displays have in common is Stamar Packaging’s quality design for an easy setup and eye-catching display.
As an example of our POP assembly services, we were contracted to design and build displays for a new line of hot cocoa mixes from Land O’Lakes.
The cocoa mixes are packaged in single-cup packets and sold individually. We created the design, built the packaging, and then assembled it all into a display kit. The final kits were sent to the distribution centers and then to supermarkets.  Next time you are in the market for a hot cocoa treat look for our display!

Stamar Packaging is responsible for many POP displays and offers a versatile contract packaging service that can handle all kinds of products. Contact us for more information or visit our website for a complete overview of our products and services.


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