Wednesday, September 30, 2015

One Way Pallet Wrap Can Grow Your Sales

Do you use pallet wrap? There may be an opportunity if you do to get your brand out to a wider audience.  
Stamar Packaging has been a packaging company for over 30 years. Over those 30 years, we have become a trusted name not only custom packaging but also, just in time warehousing, pallet wrap and branding merchandising for companies.  We're always looking for more opportunities to better serve our customers.   We have developed a keen skill in realizing a solution to a customer’s problem before they realize they have the problem.
Take our Just-In-Time warehousing, for instance, we had an instinct that our customers lacked storage space because they were ordering items consistently to refile their stockpile in their allotted space. When we introduced JIT storage, we were praised for helping them save time, money and most of all stress.
Now we have found an opportunity to further advertise for our customers on a product they already use. Introducing Printed pallet wrap with logo advertisement space.
There are several benefits to advertising your company on pallet wraps.  
First it will reach more eyes making them aware of you brand all through an item you already purchase.  It can include the logo, website, contact info and more.  
Furthermore, the pallet printed wrap can now give clear instructions to its handlers including messages like "Do Not Double Stack" "Fragile Handle with Care" or "USDA Organic". These warnings better help inform the handler and also ensures the safety of your products arriving at its final destination without damage.
Another threat it avoids is the tampering of products during storage or transit.  This security effort helps damaged shipments become readily identifiable as it can be easily detected if the skin has been broken or tampered with.
Lastly, the new skin printed wrapped pallet helps reduce misplaced, or shipment loss as all contact info is directly on it.
As you can see using advertisements or messages on your printed pallet wrap may be a great addition to your brand and overall shipment.
To get more information about Stamar's Printed pallet wrap check out our website or call us at 630.282.5400.  

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