Friday, August 24, 2012

The Unseen (But Much Overheard) Problem of Noise Pollution

Deafness isn’t just a problem for aging rock-stars. Every year according to the CDC, 22 million American workers are exposed to hazardous levels of noise when on the job. While musicians form a disproportionately sized slice of the epidemic, other occupations make their numbers seem trite in comparison. Machinists and welders in automotive assembly plants, soldiers overexposed to munitions discharges, miners, steel- and sawmill workers, meat processing plant personnel, and construction workers are just some of the larger demographics who regularly experience hearing impairment on account of their work conditions.

3M Ear Muffs
3M Ear Muffs with a
Noise Reduction
Rating of 24dB

But before you scramble to run an online search for hearing aids, consider that hearing-loss prevention might actually be the goal you’re seeking. Hearing loss – particularly in obvious, heavy industrial settings – is a problem that can be anticipated – for the most part – years in advance. It shouldn’t just be that you don earplugs at night when you’re trying to get to sleep to the tune of the neighbor’s dog yapping away. Nor should earplugs serve a specialty purpose and only that, like when you’re on a firing range. The modern world, specifically the modern-urban-industrial daytime world, is rife with noise pollution. To that end, Stamar provides hearing protection devices such as high-grade 3M ear muffs and ear plugs.
Loudness is an essential part of 9 to 5, a necessary evil of the workaday world. But there’s no reason that either you or your company need to grow deafened or defeated by the jobs you have to do.

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