Monday, August 13, 2012

Plastic Truck Seals Keep Your Supply Chain Safe

It is a staggering amount of money that is lost per annum to cargo theft. Every year, you can count on somewhere between $10 - $30 billion to be stolen from overland big rigs, cargo ships, railroad depots, and highway gas-stations. It’s a sum that dwarfs the GDPs of more than one country on Earth, and it’s a shame that such hard work can be snatched away with such little effort. Oftentimes, all it takes for many thousands of dollars of merchandise to be lost to the wind is one trucker leaving his rig unguarded for a few minutes at an overland truck stop. One unsuspecting bathroom break, or a quick stop for a coffee at the cashier, and suddenly one’s credibility as a trucker lies in jeopardy.
Plastic Truck Seals
In these trying economic times, we’re sensitive to our customers’ needs when it comes to protecting their goods, as well as their good names. By using the plastic truck seals we provide at Stamar, you can ensure that if theft occurs, that theft will be made instantly apparent. If the seal has been disturbed or broken, more than likely someone has been trying to help themselves to the merchandise in question. Available in yellow, white, blue, red, or green in quantities of one hundred per case, truck seals are an easy way of keeping your overland deliveries safe, on-time, as well as ensuring that those companies whose goods you’re delivering place that much further trust in you.
Keep your eyes on the road, and let Stamar do the rest.

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