Monday, May 14, 2012

Our Document Management System Just Got Leaner and Greener

Have you ever been to a restaurant where the waiter accidentally misheard your order, or the chef accidentally didn’t hear the waiter said and as a result cooked the wrong dish? Would you ever want to go back to a restaurant like that? That’s the experience many people have when it comes to dealing with many types of business: somewhere along the chain of communication, something gets lost in translation, and chaos asserts itself. 

At Stamar we believe that orderliness of service is a customer right, not a privilege. In an effort to streamline our turnkey interactions with online customers – keeping them informed of the status of a particular order from the time they make it until the moment they receive the final shipment – we’ve begun implementing Zetadocs.
Zetadocs is a useful tool for any company that prides itself on having greater orderliness, not to mention having less of a carbon footprint. When a customer’s order request finds its way to our inbox, Zetadocs allows us automatically to transcribe the order’s specifics into one standardized format. From purchase order, to warehouse pick ticket, to shipment order, to delivery number – Zetadocs is a convenient (some might nearly say flawless) way for customer and manufacturer “to be on the same page” throughout the course of a particular order. 

Furthermore, in keeping with our ethos of being a greener company, our use of Zetadocs eliminates a huge amount of paper. For example, fax orders via Zetadocs get transcribed onto a computer screen – there’s no printing involved. Wastage and redundancy are things of the past, as are any possibilities for error.


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  3. Congratulations on having implemented a great internet document management system for your company. The advantages you mention are the same for everyone and more and more companies like you are making the shift to a paper-free document management system. Glad to see you do your bit in reducing the carbon footprint. I've been spreading this message to similar businesses in and around Ontario.