Monday, April 23, 2012

The Uses of Custom Corrugated Boxing and Packaging

If one-size-fits-all boxes were the order of the day for global packaging, then UPS and FedEx executives would doubtlessly be running for Congress. But sometimes, the product one wishes to ship isn’t of a standard size, or even of a generic dimension. Sometimes the product is simply too big for any normal warehouse to have the necessary corrugated packaging at-the-ready to provide a solution. At other times, the product is oddly-shaped, with parts that wildly jut out or spring up from the main body of the item. In cases such as these, it is most likely that your best bet is for a customized corrugated solution.

The fact that there are specific CAM/CAD packaging design programs that can help manufacturers plan and execute customized corrugated designs is of no small benefit. Here at Stamar, we make ample use of both CAD and CAM to determine what the optimal custom-fit for your product is. With our ISTA testing qualifications, as well as our command of vibration and drop testing, we insure that your product will come to no harm on the long journey from warehouse to merchant aisle. We can also work around your own specs and needs, from beginning until finish, to build the best corrugated packaging that money can buy. That’s our final word on the subject, and that, as they say, is a wrap.


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