Friday, July 31, 2015

How Just-in-Time is Just What’s Needed for Saving Time and Money

These days, efficiency is a big buzzword in business, and for good reason; creating ways to maximize efficiency means major time- and cost-savings, and better business all around.
Within this umbrella term, just-in-time falls under the category of one of the best ways to maximize efficiency. It means sending and/or receiving something just when you need it—and not earlier—in order to save space, time, and money.
To that end, Stamar Packaging happily offers just-in-time (JIT) warehousing, which is a very large and popular aspect of our business.
So how does this work? Simply put, we can store your items for you until you need them. This allows you to free up your warehouse and manufacturing space, for items that make you money. Warehousing your excess products in our facilities for weeks or even months, and shipping them to you until when you are ready to use them.
By utilizing our JIT warehousing, you eliminate the costs and hassle associated with storing hundreds of different items, while freeing up and simplifying your inventory and storage system. This improves your cash flow and allows you to focus on the more important responsibilities of running a business.
You not only benefit from our space, but from the years of experience and expertise that we have, which are an instrumental and invaluable money-saving resource.
Finally, our fast, reliable, efficient delivery means you get your products as soon as you need them—and always on time.

In business, every second, inch, and dollar count. You can free up your clutter and boost your efficiency in one fell swoop with JIT warehousing. 

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