Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Introducing On-Demand Packaging®: The Right-Sized Box, Every Time

Today’s businesses have their work cut out for them. We're living in an instant-gratification world, and clients and consumers demand immediate results. From information to entertainment, insurance discounts to data, the theme of business has to be instantaneous.

Enter On-Demand Packaging®.

Yes, it’s as good as it sounds, and frankly, it’s revolutionary. We at Stamar have teamed up with Packsize to bring our customers their innovative packaging system that produces the right sized box every time, for every product.

The Packsize system prints boxes made-to-order, completely customized each and every time to fit the product they are containing. This means a box or corrugated design will fit your product while speeding up your entire packaging, shipping, and order fulfillment process. Combining WMS integration capabilities with unlimited design flexibility, packaging waste shrinks as your profits grow.

Let’s look at the specific benefits that come from this offering:
  • Minimize void fill: Packaging is made to fit your product, with no wasted space
  • Reduce box management: Eliminate the need to stock and manage multiple packaging options
  • Increase throughput: Orders are turned around much faster, making room for more to be fulfilled
  • Minimize damages: Made-to-fit means made-to-protect, which also means higher customer satisfaction rates
  • Increase sustainability: Less material, less waste, smaller footprint, and a happier planet
  • Reduce shipping costs: You’re only paying for the exact size you need, and have the ability to negotiate better rates

While enjoying this innovative packaging method that’s designed to increase efficiency and better optimize your supply chain, you’ll continue to benefit from the proven experience, history, and expertise of Stamar Packaging. Anyone who’s worked with us knows we are not a supplier—we are a packaging partner—and this partnership in success is only enhanced by our On-Demand Packaging® offering.

In this need-it-now, less-is-more world in which we’re living, On-Demand Packaging® can take your business to the next level; we’re happy to help bring you there.


  1. It'd definitely be nice to have the right sized box every time you need to ship something. I might have to look into that over the next few weeks. There's a lot of things that I'm going to need to get shipped out in a month or so, and it'd be nice to get packaging made for each thing I need to send out.

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