Monday, February 20, 2012

Another Thing We Packaged at Stamar

It wasn’t a hard decision to make. When a member of our team at Stamar, Zach Biel, proposed that we package something beyond corrugated materials for a single day; that in fact we go ahead and initiate a non-profit blood-drive; the answer throughout our company was a resounding yes.

Zach reached out to Janet Maher at the nearby HeartlandBlood Center to help orchestrate our company’s blood drive. Furthermore, we formed an official blood donators’ committee comprised of one member from each of our respective departments. It was each committee member’s stated responsibility to help enlist as many members of his particular department as was feasible. 

The response from departmental employees was immediate, and for a company of our size, disproportionately generous. Fifteen Stamar team-members volunteered to donate one unit of their blood apiece (although three volunteers were eventually turned down on account of various medical conditions). Still, that gave us a full twelve units of blood. Since a single unit can provide enough blood to save up to three lives in any given emergency, we’d accumulated enough offerings to save up to 36 lives. Our partners at Heartland Blood Center could not have been more pleased. The actual collection day occurred this January 13th. Heartland Blood Center’s mobile coaches drove out to Stamar to collect our blood, the collection process taking the majority of the afternoon.

In a company that emphasizes “the personal touch” in its relationships with its business customers, there could hardly be a better way of driving home that ethos than by giving blood to save lives. 36 individuals may very well have Stamar to thank for saving their lives at some point down the road. We’re even considering making our partnership with Heartland Blood Centers into an annual (possibly even biannual) event. Here’s looking forward to great, safe, and prosperous 2012 for everyone we do business with, as well as for our community at large.

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